About Our Company

Cathtect Group is a prominent player in the cathodic protection industry. Formed in 1992, the group has a proven track record and an established a reputation of being one of South Africa’s most reputable and reliable specialists in cathodic protection.

Cathtect has evolved to be one of the leading cathodic protection service providers. In 2018, the group formed Cathtect Cathodic Protection Pty Ltd (CCP) which is a certified level 2 BBBEE contributor. Cathtect Engineering (CE), a minority shareholder in CCP, maintains the engineering and manufacture component of the business whilst the service, maintenance and installation components have been incorporated into CCP. This gives the Cathtect Group the advantage of splitting management focus in order to provide undivided attention to the different market needs whilst maintaining its broad industry expertise.

The Cathtect group offers services such as cathodic protection designs, manufacturing of cathodic protection equipment, repairs, engineering works, installations, maintenance and material supplies. These services are in the water lines, oil and gas and mining
slurry industries.

Our Mission

To continue as pioneers in the provision of efficient, on-timeand relevant cathodic solutions.

Our Vision

To be innovative and the technical first choice in Cathodic Protection Solutions

Our Values

Our Values

Company Structure and BBBEE Status

Cathtect Cathodic Protection is a small to medium enterprise with 18 full-time employees. We are a certified level 2 BBBEE contributor. The enterprise is:

  • 51 % black owned;
  • 46% black women owned ;
  • 23% black female youth owned;
  • 50% black female make up the Board of Directors


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