SHEQ Policy

Cathtect Cathodic Protection promotes an attitude and culture of safety and environmental consciousness that is maintained throughout the organization. We are committed to our policy to protect our employees, contractors, clients, the public and property from accidents, injuries and/or environmental incidents.

This philosophy fosters a positive workplace culture that encourages our team of engineers and technicians to make safer, smarter decisions.
Continuous active participation at all levels from senior management through to field technicians ensures that our goals are achieved.

We are committed to safe work practices and are conscious of minimising the impact our work has on the environment.

Safety And Environmental Objectives

  • To provide a safe and healthful work environment for all employees.
  • To minimise the risk of human and economic losses resulting from personal injury and property damage.
  • To ensure the security, protection, and well-being of all personnel, property, and equipment of the company.
  • To comply with all existing safety, health and environmental laws that apply to the workplace.


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